Which areas of South Jersey does PJM service?

We are happy to take on clients from anywhere in Cape May County. This includes homes both on and off the islands.

How communicative is PJM? We have had problems with service providers not returning our calls and not showing up when they say they will.

One thing we can promise is that we are extremely reliable. We make a point of being as responsive as possible for our clients by making ourselves available throughout the day via call, text, Facebook, messenger, and email. Our goal is to give clients peace of mind. We have built our company based on the concept of helping people and making their lives easier.

I have a property that I want to rent but I haven't done it before. Can you help me with setting up my rental and guiding me on the process?

One of our speciality services is working with homeowners on setting up their rental for maximum return. We offer consultation services where we go to your home and give specific feedback on what your rental should provide, how to organize the space, what permits you need, etc.

I have something in mind that I need for my property but I don't see it listed on your site. Can I request services that are not listed?

Absolutely! Anything you have in mind is something you should share with us. If we are unable to provide the service, we will connect you with someone reliable who can. As a company that has deep roots in Cape May County, we know how to get things done and who to call.

How flexible are you with cleaning service? We are doing Airbnb and rentals can happen on different days and may not be consistent.

We understand that flexibility and reliability are extremely important qualities of a cleaning service. We offer cleaning services seven days a week, and we adjust our weekly schedule based on the needs of our clients. Let us work around your needs - just tell us when and where and we will take care of it!

Do you do linen service?

We offer the option of adding linen service to your cleaning service for an additional fee. The way we handle linen service is to have homeowners provide two sets of linens (including sheets, towels, dishtowels and bathmats). We will take the used linens and replace them with freshly washed linens between rentals. The linens provided will only be used for the property they belong to.

Which days and hours do you do changeover cleanings?

For the most part, we handle changeover cleanings seven days a week between 10am-4pm. If renters check out earlier and we are notified, we will go to the property earlier.

When should I have a deep clean done at my property?

Most often our clients request to have a deep clean done for their property before the rental season begins. This usually occurs in April or May. Many clients also opt to have this deep clean done at the end of the rental season in September or October. One or two deep cleans a year are generally suggested along with regular weekly/bi-weekly cleanings to keep your home in optimal condition.