Storm Check Services

PJM understands the stress that Mother Nature can cause for homeowners. We can be there to prepare your property for storms that we know are coming and evaluate your home after the storm.

Pre-Storm Evaluation

Exterior and Interior Check

  • All windows and doors are closed and locked (if house is vacant)

  • Put away/tie down outdoor furnishings

  • Adjust thermostat in anticipation of power outage

Post-Storm Evaluation

Exterior and Interior Check

  • windows

  • siding

  • debris

  • visible roof (what is seen from the street)

  • documentation of any damage

  • electricity

  • phone line

  • leaks

Documentation of home with pictures and notes after storm will be provided to homeowner.

If home repair or cleanup is needed following a storm, PJM will notify the homeowner of damage and provide options to the homeowner for addressing any issues.